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Friday, 29/7/07

Today is gonna be the day .. Jaja. Schule war okay, i think. I don't know, it was just fukcin' normal. I hated it. Ah, no! I've got a 2+ in German. Yeeah, baby, i got it! I dunno what happend to me, but I want to write in english right now. Ouhm, i'm a little bit strange. Okay. Aaha. I like to siiiing, now. But everyone's asleep. Today was a super day, i loved it my way .. Wuh. After school, i went with Felix <3 to his house and he took some money. Then we went to eat pizza. After eating, i went home. I didn't do very much things. I hate school in this moment, really. I want vacations! NOW! Alright .. At 8 p.m i met Laura + Sophna and we ate a lot of ice-cream. It was such an 'Food-Day'. :D I always ate, ate, ate. Okay, i don't want to write anything else. Don't know why. Tomorrow will be great. I'll tell you, then. See you, guys.
29.6.07 23:33

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